Abraham Infobox
Name Abraham
Codename Green Eyes
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupations Assassin
Affiliation Gabriella
First Appearance Chapter 1

"Green eyes" Abraham was a leader of Gabriella.


Abraham was a fairly young looking, medium sized man. His hair was light colored and he wore a light colored suit with matching tie and a dark shirt and vest underneath. Under his jacket, he carried multiple knives on his belt and under his armpits.


Abraham was a very proud and loyal member of Gabriella. He was overconfident in his abilities as a killer, claiming to never have let his pray escape death. He, also, had a weird ability of turning his eyes green when he got worked up.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Abraham based his combat style on speed and accuracy. He used acrobatic moves with ease, in order to avoid hits and make sure to keep a certain distance from his enemy, so that he can take advantage of his knife throwing ability.


Abraham carried many small knives on him and he used them mainly as projectiles. He was able to throw multiple knives at once with great speed and extreme accuracy.


When Nichol had almost finished a job in a building in Friedrichtown, Abraham appeared through the door, claiming that he was sent to deal with them. Silver Fox tried to reason with him, saying that they did nothing wrong, since Gabriella assigned that job to them. Nichol, however, who had realized there was no point in discussing it farther, attacks Abraham. The later dodged, and managed to land his daggers right on Nichol's chest, throwing him down in pain. When Abraham walked closer to give Nichol the finishing blow, he was quick to stand up and cut of his arm, revealing that he was only pretending to be in pain, in order to trick his enemy into approaching him. Abraham lost it and tried a desperate move to kill Nichol, only to get cut in half by the Alligator.

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