Friedrichstown, the very center of Cicero City.

Cicero City is the main setting of the events of Jackals, and was based of an actual 19th century town. Because in this underdeveloped town there was an influx of people of many races, the government, the gangs, and the populace fell into chaos.


The city is overrun with criminals, bounty hunters, gangs, and Jackals. The city's governor is Martin Salieri otherwise known as Don Salieri, the leader of Gabriella.

Gabriella controls the Northern half of Cicero city, while Tennouren controls the Southern half of the city.

Friedrichstown (means something like town of peace) in the center of Cicero city and is where most of the Jackals story takes place. Silver Fox's shop, Blade house, is located in (or near) Friedrichstown.


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