Diosini Lorent
Name Diosini Lorent
Codename Scorpio
Status Deceased
Age 26 years old
Gender Male
Height 1.85m (6'1"ft)
Weight 75kg (165lbs)
Occupations Head of Logistics Division
Affiliation Gabriella;Central Library
First Appearance Chapter 16

"Scorpio" Diosini Lorent was a member of Mermaid and head of Ferris Wheel, Gabriella's logistics division. His base of operations was the central library of Friedrichstown, where he also works as the chief librarian.


Diosini was a thin man, with light colored shoulder length hair. He wore a light colored shirt with dark vertical stripes on the shoulders, unbuttoned in the chest area. He also had a leather band on each of his arm and dark colored pants.


Diosini was considered the divisions most brilliant strategist, he was also known to be cold and merciless. He came from a family very respectful of chivalry values and was extremely loyal to his organisation, as he was willing to go as far as sacrificing his life before revealing a secret he was entrusted with.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Being a member of Mermaid, Diosini had some superhuman strength, seeing as he was shot once in the ear and three times in the chest and was still conscious. He had super fast reflexes, faster than normal, as he was able to leap over his desk and strike first piercing Domino in the heart.

He also had some expertise in swordsmanship. He was nicknamed the 'Scorpio' because of his ability to pierce with extreme precision his victims' vital points, killing them in a single blow.


He used several sabers, which he had decorating his office, when not in combat.


At some point in the past Diosini became a member of Gabriella and was entrusted with the command of the logistics division.

One night he was payed a visit at the central library by another member of the organisation, Domino Spring. After complimenting him for his craftsmanship, Domino went on a casual chat about business, focusing on the weapons whereabouts. Diosini revealed the location of the storehouse, the security measures and the fact that he was the only one to know the combination for the entrance.

Domino shoots Diosini's ear off

Domino shoots Diosini's ear off.

It was then, when Domino surprised Diosini, saying that she had betrayed Gabriella to side with Tennouren and that she had already eliminated all of the building's guarding forces. Diosini questioned the reasons behind Domino's betrayal and, when he got no significant answer, he jumped at her piercing her with his saber right through the heart. Domino, who had mysteriously survived the attack, shot Diosini's ear right off and shot him another three times in the chest area, sparing his vital organs.

At that point a man who entered the room served as a witness for Domino's purposes. She asked him to stay and watch as she tortured Diosini to get the combination for the vault and then report to Isaac.


  • It is implied that Diosini was also a swordsmith, when Domino compliments one of his swords in chapter 16.

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