Domino Spring
Name Domino Spring
Codename Blood Witch
Status Deceased
Age 19 years old
Gender Female
Height 1.60m (5'3"ft)
Weight 47kg (105lbs)
Occupations Assassin
Affiliation Gabriella;Tennouren
First Appearance Chapter 5

Domino Spring used to be the head of the Cavern, the drug dealing division of Gabriella, before she betrayed the organization.


Domino has short dark hair and dark eyes, she is rather slim and attractive looking. She is seen wearing a dark colored witch hat and a short dress with vertical stripes and a belt. She also wears a long coat with a hood and long sleeves as well as a pair of boots with straps. She is usually seen carrying a small suitcase-like bag that holds her instruments of torture.


She is extremely sadistic and has no compassion for the suffering of others. Her morbid fascination for human psychology and anatomy dates back to her childhood. Now when she is faced with a person with a strong mental force, she cannot resist the temptation to torture them.


Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


Instruments of torture -

Gun- she is shown using a gun to shoot off Diosini Lorent's ear.


Witch Powers: She fights by taking advantage of her witch powers and the
Blood-Witch Gets Stab

"Blood-Witch" getting stab in the heart.

psychological flaws of her opponents. Due to her witch powers, she is able to take a blow to the heart that would normally kill a person in an instant as seen in a fight with Diosini Lorent. In reality, her invincibility comes from a special poison that she uses to drug her opponents, which in turn causes them to lose their aim and hallucinate.

In the manga, her preferred weapons seem to be scalpels, which she uses to torture victims. She can also use them as projectile weapons, as seen in the manga.


  • Past times: interrogation and torture, dressage.

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