Nichol's grandfather and Shinigami Roxy's father, his real name is never mentioned.


Fox has long silver hair which he always keeps in a pony tail, he is always seen with a pair of round glasses meaning his eyes are never shown.

He is usually seen wearing a light colored suit and is a heavy smoker.

seeing as he's a grandfather he would have to at least be around 60 years old, however, his actual age is not known.


Fox is cunning and intelligent. He is seen as easy going and not confrontational

He seems to really care about Nichol and Sheryl.

He has managed to make quite a few unusual friends and has many ways of both getting information and jobs for Nichol.


Fox is father of 'Shinigami' Roxy and the Grandfather of 'Alligator' Nichol.

He is seen living with Nichol in the weapons shop called 'Blade House' which he owns.

Though he is never seen fighting or doing anything threatening for that matter, when he says his full title 'Silver Fox' people seem to be afraid and respectful of him.

'Silver Fox' had been in the crime industry but had retired, perhaps to take care of Nichol or to run his shop.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


His eyes are never shown.

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