Granny's real name is Simona Bazal.

Granny (Simona Bazal)


Simona is an older woman, with white hair and dark eyes. She is short and slim.

she is seen in a nice shirt and skirt with a coat, she is also seen with a light colored headband.

Simona smokes.


She seems like a hard woman but she truly cared for Huya and loves him, she tries to protect him from Cyclone Claude and is killed as a result.


Simona took in Huya Requiem when he came to Cicero city looking for revenge against the gangs for killing his mother.

Simona, Huya, and their dog, lived together on Sansoon Street until Simona's death.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Gun- Simona tries to kill Cyclone Claude with a shot gun.


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