William Gardner
Name William Gardner
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupations Policeman
First Appearance Chapter 2

William Garner was a policeman in the city of Cicero, who claimed to be a guardian upholding the peace.


William was a relatively tall, well-built man, with medium length hair and long sidebuns and an X-shaped scar on his forehead. He wore the standard policeman attire, with a turtleneck sweater on the inside.


Although he wasn't corrupt, William believed in his own way of enforcing justice; this included extreme violence and ultimate punishment for those whom he considered guilty. He had great confidence in his judgement and ability to apply it, and was dedicated to his cause of cleaning the city of those who didn't match his personal views. He also despised Jackals for killing people for money.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

William was a strong man, able to break a mans neck with one swing of his baton. He was also very quick to avoid Nichol's swings, and resourceful, as he managed to customize his own batons as lethal weapons.



William used three kinds of batons in combat. The first was the standard policeman baton, which he used for close combat offensive attacks. The second was a baton which he personally modified, adding a coil that works as a discharged mechanism, and used it to electrify his target. The third was a baton made of steel alloy, used for defense purposes.


William had a standard policeman's gun and a smaller one, hidden up his sleeve, both of which he was proficient in using.


William appeared in a dark alley of Cicero, where a local thug was threatening a prostitute. When the thug noticed the policeman, he tried to bribe him; believing William, like most of the city's police force, was corrupt. William, however, killed the man on thr spot, using his baton, commenting that a prison cell would be wasted on a guy like him. The girl was surprised by his actions, but before she could react, William killed her too, accusing her of disturbing the peace.

Sheryl Carter, who happened to be passing by, found the two bodies, and noticed a watch on the ground, which William had accidentally dropped earlier. She took the watch to Nichol D. Heyward and explained the situation. William, who had monitored Sheryl's movements, entered the house, claiming to be the officer who secured the crime scene, and asked Sheryl to follow him to the station and give a statement.

When they are alone, William took his watch back and attacked Sheryl, in order to silence her. As he was about to finish her off, Nichol, who was suspicious about his behavior, appeared and engageed him in battle. William realized

Nichol finishes William off

he was a Jackal, and attacked him using his electric baton. After a balanced battle, Nichol managed to defeat William, by throwing his Alligator from distance and cutting him in half.

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